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A tribute to an excellent artist.

A brilliant artist
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Salutations beatniks,

If you believe that the earth is flat or if you just love his work and want to express yourself, go right ahead..

Well, since there wasn't any other LJ communities centered on TMDR I figured I'd take that liberty myself. ;)

Here are a few guidelines;

Please act your age, trolling is not accepted. Flaming, harassment and spamming will all get you ousted from this community.

This is a place for free open discussion, and anyone is welcome to join here.

Your moderator is;


Let me know if you have any questions or problems, they will be dealt with right away.

Thank you and goodnight..


Here is a link to an interesting site if you haven't come across that one already.

(Please feel free to drop other links to TMDR related fansites here so they may be added to the upcoming 'links' list on the 'profile' page.)
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