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13 Thomas Dolby 'Europa & The Pirate Twins' icons

Hey my first post so be gentle!
I was unsure whether icon posts were allowed so I apologise sincerely if not! [Just delete my post and I'll walk away quietly (:]

But yes if anyone was interested I made 13 icons all from the 'Europa & The Pirate Twins' video, mostly face shots but you have got to love his face.

If these get enough interest I may consider doing requests so just send me a message!

We'll be the pirate twins again...
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West leg complete!

Thought I'd share a photo taken a little after 1:30 AM in Seattle in the hotel, after the last show of the west leg. Champagne in cheap hotel water glasses and coffee mugs. At left is Johnny deKam, the amazing video wizard creating all the visual magic onstage.

Johnny and TD, April 22, 1:35 AM, Seattle.
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Thomas Dolby at the Fenix Underground, Seattle 4/22/06

He has given his music a fresh sound by updating the electronics that he uses, creating more of a club sound. It was like listening to a good remix album that creatively and wildly re-interprets the original songs. For instance, "I Live in A Suitcase," which I've always considered one of his lesser tunes, was now powered by a more driving groove that really brought out the bassline. It became one of the best songs of the night.

Dolby has always excelled with longer songs that are built up from simple themes, adding layers of rhythm and accompaniment as the song progresses. The one-man-band format showcased that, as he had to add in riff after riff before the groove was laid down. This was especially well-done on "Hyperactive!" where the convoluted funk bassline was pieced together in marvelous stages. Throughout the show he wasn't hesitant to add licks that were not on the original recordings.

He shared the stage with a large videoscreen that showed clips from his classic videos as well as striking images that may come from later videos. Cameras on his headset and on stage occasionally superimposed views of him, or his hands on the keyboards and controls. One song simply had images of the camera panning across various neon designs. "Windpower" had a striking wind turbine motif.

He was highly engaging and personable with the crowd. He seems a very lively and intelligent person and I gained a renewed appreciation of his clever and often touching lyrics.

[And he has a blog! - thomasdolbyblog]
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thomas shows!

lots of them!

Best place to see them all right now is his myspace page...but the forums at are full of info, too!

Some are for sale on ticketmaster right now!
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Well, I just joined this community, which I've noticed has a regretfully scarce amount of members. Ah, well.

My mom used to play Thomas Dolby tapes all the time in the car when I was a little kid, around 8 or 9, and I've always liked it, even before I knew or really cared about music. Anyways, I recently ordered the best of CD, and I can finally appreciate it like the selectively music-obessed person that I am. My favorite song at the moment is Europa and the Pirate Twins, and I think Screen Kiss and Close But No Cigar are also spiffy.

I also LOVE Oingo Boingo, Talking Heads, and other kinds of 80s music, obscure and just plain bad XD
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